Camryn Turns 2!

She’s back!!! And growing before my very eyes!! I can’t believe my Cammie girl turned TWO last month. Camryn and I get together every 6 months or so for a little play date involving my camera. We’ve done this since she was just a week old. This time we took to the outdoors and had some exciting play time before that morning’s thunderstorm rolled in. Her smile will light up your world.



Watering the mulch. Why would we use the little girl watering can when mommy’s is so much more fun. And almost the same size as her.


So fast…and into everything. This is my favorite skipping photo EVER!!!! Love.

Ring around the rosie!

Some daddy time.

Little flirt. The mailman came by and I became chopped liver.

I just heart this little family!! You guys are SO GORGeous!! Thank you for always letting me come over and play. I look forward to watching BEAUTY-full Cammie grow up. xoxo






September 2, 2012 - 4:38 pm

Mary Ann - I can’t pick a favorite; they all are too cute. The one of Cammie girl skipping down the walk holding the chalk in her hand just makes my heart soar! Must be those chubby little legs that are sooo sweet. And the one of the three of them in color on the black and white blanket with Camryn’s arms outstretched says how happy and confident this little girl is wrapped in the love of her family! Again Megan, great work.

September 3, 2012 - 4:47 am

Sara - WOW What a beautiful family! And the most precious little girl EVER. The pic that you used for their sneak peak is still my fave, though!