Max is One Year!

I’ve been wanting to do a sunrise session at the beach for quite some time now. The main reason…the light! It makes the water an electric blue and provides a soft, hazy background. So when it worked out that we could do Max’s one year session on the shores of Lake Michigan as the sun was just creeping up, I was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper excited!!! You saw this incredibly happy, smiley baby at his 6 month shoot. I couldn’t believe how big he was when I saw him toddling around the sandy beach, still full of huge smiles. Here are my favorites!

Max! I love your hair!!

When I was choosing your sneak peek (which was really difficult!), I was stuck between three photos. This was one of them…I LOVE it!

And this was another one…I die!! Cuteness overload. You guys are so, so happy!!

After our toes were completely numb from the cold sand, we ventured to Duncan’s Woods for more excitement. I had scouted this location the previous day and the light had been very nice. I wasn’t expecting it to be SO UNREAL when we got there the following day. The sunrise was shooting through the tree line illuminating some lingering fog. Needless to say…I was in photographer heaven doing a crazy happy feet dance.

See?!? Ah! I couldn’t wait to get these home to process. Even though this session was jammed with favorites of mine, it came down to one winner that beat out everything. This adorable Max face is exactly what I love about this sweet boy. (Not to mention the light!)

It was SO wonderful to shoot Max’s First Year!! I can’t wait to see what photos you choose for your album! xoxo

November 6, 2012 - 11:46 pm

Sara - Wow, LOVE those last 3..incredible job!