Chase is a Big Brother!

I knew it was a sign…I’ve had the absolute pleasure of photographing tons and tons of BOYS lately!!! And they make my heart melt. Especially now when I process them and see them in a whole new light knowing that our Baby Boy Danser is on the way.

This family is very near and dear to our hearts. The very first night I hung out with Drew (unofficially, that is) he introduced me to Brian and Lindsay calling them his “best friends”. Soon after, Lindsay then jumped on the back of a four wheeler with Drew and they took off through the field (then Drew got in trouble by his mom because it was also night time…but I’ve gone off topic.) Bottom line: I knew these two were awesome and down for anything. I photographed their first born, Chase, when he was just a few months old. I’m so, so, SO thankful that I was able to do the same with baby Ty. And to see Chase as a new big brother. Brian and Lindsay, your family is stunning. And you two are just the best parents together. I hope Drew and I can measure up. 😉 Enjoy my favorites from our session.

Meet baby Ty!! We went out to lunch afterwards and I got to snuggle him. He’s precious. Not to brag, buuuuuuut…I also got to hold baby Ty when he was just a few days old. Making his debut in Columbus, OH for the very first time. I think he remembered me.

This photo won as my top fave from the session. You guys look so content, so happy. I adore!!

Big brother Chase and I hunted for pirates. We saw them around every corner.

Lindsay, I love this one of you and Chase…you look fab.

Chase made some of the best faces. I said “Squeeeeeeeeeeze real tight!!” And he did.

I almost lost my mind when I saw this happening behind me. Swoon!

I just can’t thank you guys enough for making the day trip over to Columbus. It was so wonderful to see you and spend time with your amaze family. Drew and I love you guys very much! xoxo

November 21, 2012 - 2:33 am

Brian - Awesome meg! Thanks soooo much.