Ben & Ellie & A New Photo Spot!

This gorgeous family makes a big debut on my blog every year…since I restarted my business in Ohio. This was our fourth shoot together!!! Sheesh!! They were my second official clients in the Buckeye state and I’m so thankful for them every year. Not to mention they always look SO ADORABLE!!!!!! Lori…best outfits yet. 😉

We shot in a new location that Lori came up with. She has a new spot for me every year and I love her eye for The-Best-Dang-Locations-to-Shoot-at-in-Columbus. This is an itty bitty park in German Village called Frank Fetch. It’s special to this family because when they lived in GV and the kiddies were little, they’d walk through here in the evenings. It’s now special to me too. 🙂 Choosing my favorites was agonizing! So many!!

First…my girl Ellie is growing into one gorgeous little girl.

And Ben!! Sooooo grown up! You two have the most beautiful children.


My all time fave. I knew this was your sneak peek when I saw it through the viewfinder. 😉

Ellie! I love. This is precious.

I’ve said this many-a-times….and I’ll say it again. This is my favorite kind of family photograph. Natural, happy, moving, loving. And screaming to be framed.

There is always some kind of sport involved in Ben and Daddy photos…this year: football. I love the sunsetting sky and the perfect German Village homes in the background. Now I miss living in GV.

And another perfect family photo!!! You guys were MONEY that night!!

Our photo dates are never long enough! I love hanging out with you guys and I’m so happy you trust me every year with your precious family photos. Thanks for sharing your treats with me afterward…this pregnant girl needed it! Can’t wait for that coffee date, Lori! xoxo