Taylor is 7 months!

Oh hey there. I’m almost 90% back to my fully functioning self. On the Friday before Christmas, I started coming down with a little cough. The next afternoon I couldn’t move. My husband Drew was in the same boat. Off to Urgent Care we went only to both test positive for the worst flu I’ve ever endured. Worst!!

The most disappointing part (aside from completely missing Christmas and spending my entire vacation laid up on the couch) was that I had the CUTEST Christmas sessions to debut on the blog. Miss adorable Taylor being one of them!! So please forgive me for being over 7 days late and many more dollars short on this belated 7 month, Christmas session, mash up.

She’s cute enough to claim that she’s been worth the wait! 😉

That red holiday dress! I die!!

This is one of my favorites!

Nom! Nom! Nom!

We switched gears so that not all of her 7 month portraits would be centered around the holiday. Her next little outfit had me squealing with delight. So adorbs!

Big girl!!

Those two little bottom teeth just make me smile.

Getting some Daddy time. Little girls and their Daddy’s melt my heart.

You are the most beautiful family!!! This is another big favorite. Frame!!

Thank you for your patience you guys!! I’ve just adored being a part of your First Year so far! Cake smash and first birthday will be here before we know it!! xoxo