Graham is One Year!

How did this happen!?! And so quickly?! All my babies that I’ve been shooting since they were still in their momma’s tummies have somehow turned one. If the year has gone by quickly for me I’m sure it flew by for their families. Sweet Graham was a blog favorite because he gives so many great faces for my camera. He didn’t disappoint me this time either. Mind you, I was uber pregnant when we shot these. Like, I could barely get up and down without the assistance of a crane. So big thanks to Keri and Jeff for finding creative ways to keep Graham in my camera’s viewfinder. 😉

Here are my favorites!



Oh Graham…if more people got this excited over things (like bubbles) the world would be a much happier place.



These two…melted my heart.





The best, BEST part about shooting in your home is that the photographs that we take reflect your family’s story today. You will show your child these images some day and they will reflect his everyday life from way back when. Not a posed, stylized, life…a true, lived-in, full-of-love-laughter-joy kind of life. That’s what this image below is. And it, my friends, is my personal favorite. Keri, look at how happy you are. 🙂




So it’s a first birthday. There must be cake. That doesn’t mean everyone has to love it.



Later. He’s outta here. Obvi, Graham did not like my choice in Kroger cake selections


I can’t thank your family enough for allowing me to be a part of your magical first year together! It was such a joy watching you all grow as a family. I look forward to seeing what the future brings you. All my love friends!!! xoxo