Meet Harrison!

I’m always thrilled when I get new inquiries from expecting parents. It’s such an exciting time in their lives. The anticipation! So naturally, I was pumped when I heard from Tanya. But her maiden name intrigued me. After a quick Facebook stalking (cause that’s really what FB is for) my suspicions were correct. I knew this girl! I knew Tanya because we are from the same hometown (Go Bucs!) and her cousin and I are friends and in the same class. So now I’m really pumped to photograph them and have more Michigan transplants here in Columbus. Being the Michigander that I am living in Buckeye country (again…Go Bucks! – I know my Michigan friends just died) it was very refreshing to walk into their home and immediately be welcomed by the sight of baby Harrison wearing the appropriate attire. A Detroit Tigers bib. Ya heard right. Eat ’em up Tigers, eat ’em up!

Here are my favorites from our session as these wonderful new parents welcomed their sweet new baby boy home.



I adore alert new babies. Their eyes!! Tanya…you look gorg! And you just had a baby!!!



This one makes me melt!! That little smile. This is the kind of photo that will be framed at his high school graduation.








So teeny. Those perfect little lips. This was my first newborn shoot since Leo had been born. When I got home Leo looked like a toddler to me.




Ohhhhh baby toes! Baby feet!! Smoosh!!


This is my favorite family photo. You two look entranced by your presh baby boy. And you should be. He’s perfect.


Congratulations you three!! I’m so happy for your beautiful new family! And I’m so happy to have more Michiganders in the mix. 😉 I can’t wait to watch Harrison grow during his First Year. Yay! xoxo