Introducing Baby Tessa | Columbus Ohio’s Family Photographer


This sweet baby girl, with beautiful hair straight out of the gate, was just 5 days new when I got to snuggle and cuddle her. I mean really…her momma, Lindsay, and I actually styled her hair after putting that presh little headband on. And from there it just got even more adorable. Because I’m not sure if there is anything I love more on a baby than smooshed lips and a few fat belly wrinkles to boot. Right there is a win win.




Lindsay settled in for some mommy and baby sister time. This next one is a big fave of mine.


Lindsay you are absolutely glowing. And there is NO.WAY. you had a baby just five days ago. You look BEAUTY-full!


Tessa would let me know when it was time to move on. Newborn baby cries make my heart hurt!


I must preface this next photo by saying that I’m in-love with Julian and Lindsay’s home. Every time I go there, I start negotiating the terms of my studio rental space. We’re still ironing out the details. 😉 But with this natural light and amaze window seat? They’d never get rid of me! And Julian, this is my fave of the two of you.


Jonah loves his “baby sistah” so much and is still in awe of her when he sees her.


This right here? Favorite.




Jonah showed me his mad climbing skills. He’s the cutest.




We did some family pile ons (my favorite activity!) and when I saw this image happening, I knew I would love it. If you’ve been in front of my camera before, then you know that (in my opinion!) this is the best kind of family photo. Lindsay and Julian, those are real, happy, smiles. The kind of smiles that have laughter behind them. And I know your house is full of laughter. And why wouldn’t it be? Look at Jonah! He’s having the time of his life climbing his daddy like a monkey and rough housing with the whole family. His day has been made! It’s the little things when you’re two years old. And it’s this kind of image that I aim to get at every shoot. Real life. (p.s. Lindsay…LOVE that striped wall! Really, I’m moving my studio in.)


Congratulations you guys!! Tessa is PERFECTION!! And I can’t wait to see how much she’ll grow during her First Year. I know these photos will be fun, fun!! xoxo