Emmy | Michigan’s Family Photographer

Man, I’m getting old. I’m guessing Heather didn’t expect me to start out her adorable blog post with that sentence. But when I started to think back to when I first met her – which was through Lisa – and I met Lisa in college – through my college roommate – who I met at a high school basketball game when I was in sixth grade – it really dawned on me that…MAN. I’m getting O.L.D. And now we all have BABIES in our lives!!!! Everyone take a sip of wine!!!

So back to these babies…Heather, yours is absolutely GORRRRRGEOUS. Really, Emmy just lights up the room. Her smile and energy are both contagious. Our evening session together had a theme. It was called Leaf. Leaf went everywhere with us. Leaf was in almost every photo. Leaf made Emmy smile. So Leaf was very important. Enjoy my favorites of Leaf and Emmy. 😉


Matilda Jane clothing on little girls makes me weak in the knees. It’s a pro/con situation for me having a little boy. Super big con that I can’t get away with putting him in these adorable dresses. Major pro for my bank account.


Goerlich-2This is one of my absolute faves. You can hear the amazing toddler sounds that she’s is making can’t you?



Can you see Leaf?






A little family Airplane time. This is another favorite of mine.



This little girl was On. The. Move. (love this dress too, Heather!)


And this is hands down, my FAVORITE family photo. You guys melt me.


Thanks so much for hanging out with me again Emmy!! I’ve so enjoyed watching you grow up. You are just the most precious little girl. Your family is beautiful Heather and Dan! Congratulations! xoxo

August 28, 2013 - 3:19 am

Sara - SO MANY BEAUTIFUL BABIES I can’t take it! Gorgeous photos, Megan!

August 28, 2013 - 3:19 am

Sara - SO MANY BEAUTIFUL BABIES I can’t take it! Gorgeous photos, Megan!