Brandy & Corey Are Getting Married | Columbus Ohio Wedding Photography

It was one of the first really beautiful spring evenings. And man oh man!!! Did these two gorrrrrrgeous individuals light up the night! Check out my favorites from our beautiful downtown Columbus engagement session.

LOVE, love, love this one of you Brandy. Can’t get enough of it!


Another favorite of mine!




I can’t WAIT for your gorgeous wedding this fall! Congrats you two! xoxo


Corey + Brandy

Dating :: August 2012 :: Engaged :: October, 12 2013 :: Wedding Date :: September 27, 2014

FIRST DATE :: We met at Brio at Easton had dinner, tand then went for frozen yogurt. I needed him to know early on my obsession with frozen treats. 🙂 (as told by Brandy)

WHO ASKED WHO :: Corey asked me over the phone. He was going to Notre Dame for a football game and asked if I wanted to go to dinner on Sunday when he got back. He ended up getting back early on Sunday and asked if we could move our date up to an earlier time. I think he was a little exited. 🙂

DESCRIBE COREY ON THE FIRST DATE :: Handsome! I remember he had the blue gingham shirt he was wearing and his smile. I felt I had known him forever. And even though he says otherwise, he kissed me at the end of the evening.

DESCRIBE BRANDY ON THE FIRST DATE :: Brandy was beautiful, but taller than I expected because she had on her highest heels (this has become a running joke between us.) Most important was that everything felt very natural and like we had known each other for longer than we had. Plus she clearly felt comfortable because she kissed me first. (Another ongoing debate.)

HOW DID YOU ASK BRANDY TO MARRY YOU :: We had a number of friends over for a wine tasting and at the end I acted like I was explaining a champagne to taste and asked her then. Everyone at the party except her knew I was going to propose.

HOW DID YOU FEEL BEFORE YOU ASKED HER :: Really just very excited. I wasn’t actually nervous at all, but that may have been because I waited until the end of the wine tasting to pop the question. May have had a little liquid courage. (editor’s note: I love this!)

COREY :: Well I’m probably most excited for the dancing. The playlist will be fantastic. But on a serious note I’m just most excited to hear the official announcement of being married to my best friend. BRANDY :: To see all of our friends and family in one place, but mostly just to marry Corey, he is the best person I’ve ever met and I can’t wait to call him my husband.

ADVICE FOR FUTURE GROOMS :: If your fiance has an opinion, go with it. If she needs your help making a decision, make a call and move on. The day will end up being great because of who you’re with, not every little detail in the place setting.

ADVICE FOR FUTURE BRIDES :: Have fun and don’t stress. You will be surrounded by people who love and care about you and that is all that matters.