Adlee | Family Photography | Columbus, Ohio

Thisssss girrrrrrl!!! Her sweet little facial expressions had me squealing with laughter! She’s the happiest, sassiest, don’t-wanna-get-dirty, prettiest, snuggliest, most-loved-on little one year old I’ve seen in a while! I looooove her!! And I love, love that her family wanted to do part of their session in their home. In-home sessions are my jam. So personal, so special. Enjoy my favorites of our evening together!

I looooove that one on the left!!Grieshop-16



Columbus, Ohio

Together :: 10 years (whhhhaaat!) :: Engaged :: 11/30/2007 (he spelled it out in white Christmas lights at the zoo lights, by the elephants!!) :: Married :: 4/18/09

SARA :: Hometown :: Greenville, OH :: Favorite food :: sushi :: Described by Tony :: caring, loving, beautiful, giving, inspiring

TONY :: Hometown :: Yorkshire, OH :: Favorite Food :: meatloaf :: Described by Sara :: thoughtful, quietly strong, loving, funny, giving

ADLEE :: age :: 1 year :: Favorite Food: avocado :: Described by M&D :: hilarious, sweet, sunny, energetic, independent, affectionate 

Perfect Weekend :: a lazy day of farmers markets, lunch, playtime at the pool, and an evening  dinner and walk, just the three of us!

Your Family in One Word :: infallible


June 28, 2015 - 11:20 am

Brandy - This little girl is so cute!!! Her eyes are beautiful. Wonderful photos!

June 28, 2015 - 11:21 am

Kelly - I love her name! And I love the images in their home. So special. Great job!