Brooke & Greg | Maternity Photographer Columbus Ohio

I loooooove a sweet in-home maternity session!! Especially when I get to love on the cutest dog ever. Olive stole my heart and the show. Just wait until this precious baby arrives. Cute overload! Enjoy my favorites from Brooke & Greg’s maternity session.Wanchek-2


Brooke!! You are GORGEOUS!!! And I love your baby bump style.Wanchek-13

One of my favorites!


Are you kidding me? Olive…you little love nugget! Thanks for the being the coolest dog around. 😉Wanchek-12

Congrats you guys!!! Can’t wait to meet this sweet baby!!!


Columbus, Ohio

Together :: January 2013 | Engaged ::  December 20, 2013 (that was quick!) | Married ::  November 8, 2014

BROOKE  | Hometown :: Beavercreek, Ohio  | Favorite Food :: Macaroni and Cheese | Described by Greg::  GREG in 5 words :: Beautiful, caring, smart, loyal and forgiving

GREG | Hometown :: He’s just a kid from Akron, Ohio | Favorite Food :: Adriatico’s Pizza | Described by Brooke :: Kind, Patient (like a saint), quirky, handsome and fancy!

Cravings :: PB&J sandwiches, Italian Ice, sliced apples

Favorite gift you’ve received so far :: my diaper bag, which was a gift to myself!

Best piece of maternity advice:: DON’T GOOGLE ANYTHING!!!!

April 4, 2016 - 6:48 pm

JennyBZ - Ahhhhhhhh!!! These are gorgeous!!!! Brooke you have always been beautiful but you are even more stunning in these images!! Pregnancy looks good on you mama!! And I just love olive too! Beautiful beautiful images, Meg, as always. I love love love this session!! And Brooke, that blue dress is amazing on you!