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Leo Wylie Danser: A Birth Story

March 30th. I’ve been saying this date out loud since we found out we were pregnant. Today is his due date. TodayView full post »

23 Weeks!!

Thank the pregnancy gods…it’s starting to go a bit faster than watching a pot of hot water boil. Phew!! I&#View full post »

Closing in on 17 Weeks

As I leave the fourth month of pregnancy and head into the fifth (and closer to the HALF WAY POINT!! WOOT WOOT!!) I findView full post »

Holy Pregnancy Mood Swings

Today, much to my delight, I got a text from a beautiful friend of mine that said… JB: “whatchya up to todayView full post »

My First Wedding Project!

I find it hard to believe that two weeks and one day have gone by since Drew and I got engaged. It is amazing how manyView full post »

New Toys!

I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and WAITING to purchase the 85mm 1.8 lens. The wait isView full post »

The Sweetest Smile…

It’s been absolutely killing me that I haven’ had a chance to get these photographs off of my camera andView full post »

Daily Yard Progression…

You’ve seen The Deck….now see the surroundings! When we moved into our home, we were informed by ourView full post »

Workshop Details!

Better late than never! Right? It’s taken me quite a while to sift through my favorite photographs from theView full post »

DIY Deck

When I say DIY – I really mean, fall in-love with an amazing handy man with a hellavu carpenter for a father. WhenView full post »

Ahhh, Spring Has Sprung

The kids are so happy!! The drama of the Final Four is over and spring is in the air. First, we went, we saw, weView full post »

Great Things Come in Beautiful Packages!

Ever since I started taking pictures for people other than my immediate family, I’ve dreamed of handing them theirView full post »

Happy Birthday Drew and Lyn-Dee!!

BIG day!!! My honey bunny (I’m sure he’s loving the public announcement of our embarrassing pet names) andView full post »

Drew: Chef and Musician Extraordinaire

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve seen more than one tweet or status update involving the love of myView full post »

Wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’….

About SPRING!! This weather sucks. It’s warming up slightly causing the snow and ice to melt and our basement toView full post »