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The Danser’s Go To North Carolina

You would think I take millions of photographs of my family. I don’t. I’m a bad person. I’m working onView full post »

What Comes Next

I’ve been asking others this question since the days of preschool. What comes after circle? What comes after snackView full post »

6 Weeks : A Survival Story

Six weeks! We made it! I’ve been waiting on the six week mark, probably since we found out we were pregnant. NotView full post »

Leo Wylie Danser: A Birth Story

March 30th. I’ve been saying this date out loud since we found out we were pregnant. Today is his due date. TodayView full post »

38 Weeks – I just can’t stay outta the hospital

Today has some big significance to it. One = I’m 38 weeks! (Holy moly.) Two = It’s Drew’s 30thView full post »

33 Weeks…and counting

Even though 33 weeks sounds like I’m cruising towards the end of this pregnancy…I feel like I’ve beenView full post »

My Third Trip to Urgent Care in 3 Weeks

Yes friends, you read that title correctly. Last night I found myself back in Urgent Care where I was greeted by name. IView full post »

28.5 weeks!!

Seven, count ’em, SEVEN months pregnant. Officially in my third trimester. It’s similar to the feeling youView full post »

23 Weeks!!

Thank the pregnancy gods…it’s starting to go a bit faster than watching a pot of hot water boil. Phew!! I&#View full post »

How To Properly Throw A Gender Reveal Party

As soon as Drew and I found out we were expecting, (one of) my first questions to him was “Do we want to know theView full post »

Closing in on 17 Weeks

As I leave the fourth month of pregnancy and head into the fifth (and closer to the HALF WAY POINT!! WOOT WOOT!!) I findView full post »

Holy Pregnancy Mood Swings

Today, much to my delight, I got a text from a beautiful friend of mine that said… JB: “whatchya up to todayView full post »

Ready For The Ride

I find it very surreal that I’m actually writing this now. I didn’t know if the time would ever come where IView full post »

Our First Year Together (the truth and nothing but)

When are you no longer considered newlyweds? A year? 2 years? 5 years? How ’bout til death do us part? I want toView full post »

Happy First Birthday Olivia!!

The bunnies! The cake! The adorable littles running around! The presents! The birthday girl! It was First BirthdayView full post »