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A. B. C. D.a.

I refuse to start every personal blog entry out the same way. “Time is flying by!” “Where is the timeView full post »

10 Months…So Let’s Reflect

I find it hard to believe that Drew and I have been married for 10 months tomorrow. I find it even harder to believeView full post »

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We hope your day was purrrrfect!!! xoxoxView full post »

Happy Birthday Bubby!

The fact that my little brother is turning 26 today is not only a shock to my system, but also a sign (as he so kindlyView full post »

2012…I’m baaaaaaaaaacccccccccccckkkk!!!

Oh hey there! Did you think I’d dropped off the face of the Earth too? Almost, my friends…almost. My 2012View full post »

They Said The Day Would Fly By…

And “they” were right. I’d have to say that the week leading up to the B.I.G. day went rather slowlyView full post »

The Best Ideas are Cooked Up Over Cocktails

I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to come to my computer and blog something personal. It feels like I’veView full post »

Making Progress: One Step @ a Time….

Deep breathe in……deeeeeep breathe out. We are less than 7 months from saying I DO. And before we know it,View full post »

Look Who’s Been Good This Year…ME!!!

So, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, SOOOOOOOOOOOOO VERY excited to by finally blogging this. First, I think it’s beenView full post »

Our Turn

I spend my days photographing special days, feelings, emotions and love for a number of fantastic people. I couldn’View full post »