The Cutest Boy in Sistersville!

I had a request from a very special mommy (and a very special friend) to see pictures of her little man. I took these when I was home in Sistersville for Alumni Weekend. (For those that don’t know…Alumni is as exciting as Christmas, or my birthday for that matter.) I had posted photos of Brayden at my old website but Shay couldn’t see them for some reason. So here he is! Debuting on the new and improved blog. And isn’t he just the cutest!!

Brayden loved, loved that balloon! There was a high school graduation party in the shelter at the park and one of the kids gave Brayden that balloon. He wasn’t happy when mommy tried to tie it to his wrist so he wouldn’t lose it.

He wasn’t so into the bubbles though.

What fun! We had such a blast and stayed at the park until Brayden couldn’t take it anymore. I think he fell asleep on the 2 minute drive home. To Shay, Stevie and Brayden, I miss you all bunches and can’t wait for another visit this fall. Love you tons! Mwah!

It’s a Boy!!

My dear friends recently made the announcement that they are expecting a baby boy in late December!! Congratulations Emma and Kevin. I love you both and know you are going to make amazing parents. I can’t wait to do a few belly shots of Mr. Tyler James. Take care of eachother and that precious, growing baby boy. See you both next week!

Today turned into a dreary fall day. However the clouds and rainy day made the colors in my bedroom this afternoon pop! You should have seen me trying to get this shot…I’m 5 feet and 1.5 inches (I used to think that I was 5 feet and 3 quarters, but today the doctor confirmed that this is incorrect) so I knew it was going to be hard to get up high enough to get this photo. First I tried standing on pillows. Then I added a couple books…when that didn’t work, I grabbed the step stool and very carefully placed it on top of my bed to climb.  I still wasn’t tall enough. So I tested Grandaddy Tom’s handy work and stood on my mantel headboard. It worked! (My mother is probably reading this and not happy.) But nothing came crashing down. And I like how you can tell how old our house is by the different textures on the painted walls.

I also had the pleasure of hanging with this furry fellow this weekend. Isn’t he beautiful?!? Bo is a Siberian Husky and is the friendliest dog eva! I gave him my favorite squeaky toy for dogs, the Cat Burglar…which was an all time favorite of our family dog Maggie.

I don’t normally Photoshop this much, but I wanted to emphasize Bo’s ice blue eyes. He’s gorgeous! Kind of a random post today, but it’s that kind of Monday. However, I am looking forward to my photoshoots this week! I’m meeting a couple new families and I have all kinds of ideas for them! Tasha and Steve, your big day is coming! See you Friday!

Almost Heaven

John Denver probably never thought that his song “Country Roads” would be words to live by in the state of West Virginia. Everyone who has lived there knows the words by heart and sings them with pride. If you were at the WVU game on Saturday you saw a close up of Pat White smiling and singing his heart out to the tune of “Country Roads” as he walked off the field. (Daddy, you and I didn’t see that cause we had to go get that darn cooler.) I feel so lucky to be a West Virginia native and that my entire family is from there. We are so lucky! I have the best friends from Sistersville that I’ve known since I was two (Shay Phone) and I’ve met so many others along the way. I love each and every one of you and you all make my trips home worth every penny I spend on the Ohio Turnpike.

Once I turned 16 and had the freedom to run-a-muck in Sistersville, Shay and I would hop in our parents car and go “ridge running”. Now this isn’t as scary as you think. We just drove out country roads and gossiped the whole time. I do remember one scary trip out Cow House though…don’t worry parentals, we made it out alive. So on one of my excursions to find a high spot in the hills of Sistersville, I stumbled down an old lane that Shay and I cruised pretty regularly. I’d forgotten how beautiful it was.

You might think that we don’t have cows in Michigan…we do, however they don’t graze on amazing hills with beautiful color and so much texture! I promised a surprise for my grandma and I’m going to deliver. I went outside after the sun had set to play with my new tripod (I’m a HUGE geek!). I tried and tried to get a shot of the Ferry, but it just didn’t happen. Next time. Instead, I was able to capture this beautiful photo of my grandma’s A-Frame house. She has the best view in town and that deck is to die for!

And THIS is her view!!

Thanks Mom for always letting Saucy come home and for cooking the best food ever! I still haven’t gotten on the scale (that seems to be a theme for me.) Emily and I have eaten the first batch of Ginger Snap Cookies and are moving on to the next ones. They are soooo very yummy! Love you and can’t wait to come back soon!

September 4, 2008 - 10:58 am

Mary Ann - I have big tears on my cheeks… Meg Peg. Wonderful words and wonderful pictures. We all love you right back. Keep up the great work!

September 4, 2008 - 9:35 pm

Aunt Lori - WOW! You have a real GIFT… I can hardly wait for you to photograph Lyn-Dee. Maybe you need to come to China with us. Just image the picture you would get. Meg, you need to start making print to sell. I’ll take the the rive view and the barbwire fence. Love you! Uncle Tom & Aunt Lori and Trooper too ?