Test Prints!

I know I’ve been a little blog absent lately, and I apologize! I travelled last week for work to Chicago and it threw my schedule off a little bit. Not to mention I haven’t been feeling 100% and I’m having household bug issues….eeew. I won’t even get into that. So enough with the excuses! I wanted to share a few photos that some of you may recognize. After a recommendation from my friend Betsy (you have to check out her blog www.johnandbetsy.net/blog She is an amazing photographer!) I chose White House Custom Color as my main printer. I’d been using a couple other places (that I was moderately happy with) but wanted something a bit more professional. So the fun part is that when you sign on as a new client, they will test print 5 8×10 photos for you. How exciting! I had the hardest time choosing my photos…but wanted a mixture of bright colors, dark photos and black and whites. Here are a few that I chose.



My little cousin Chloe takes a moment to stop and smell the flowers

My little cousin Chloe takes a moment to stop and smell the flowers



Grandma's are great! No matter what age you are.


Pete and his mama at MSU campus

Pete and his mama at MSU campus


I also used a photo of Leo (below with the basketball) and a photo from Stephen and Kallie’s wedding. But I haven’t shared the above photos with this blog before, so I thought I’d dig them out of the vault. I’m heading downtown Royal Oak tonight to play with light and night settings. So stay tuned!

July 22, 2008 - 3:54 pm

Tif - Glad we could help! Looking forward to next week – more beach pics with you! : )

July 25, 2008 - 5:04 pm

Betsy - Thanks sweetie!!! Have fun shopping on WHCC!

Beach Beauty

Life is somewhat back to normal in Royal Oak now. I was scrolling through my photographs from the week in Grand Haven and wanted to share these beach shots. I feel so lucky to have grown up next to these beaches. They are there anytime, anyday and we sometimes forget about them in the hustle and bustle of life. I know I took advantage of them when I was younger and living in Grand Haven. My mom and I walked down for a mid morning stoll. The sun and sky were perfect!


Buchannan Beach, Grand Haven, MI


Later that week, a huge storm blew in that knocked over a bunch of trees in our neighborhood and downtown. I’ve seen a lot of storms come across the lake, but I’ve never seen the pines in our back yard bend like they did during this one. My mom and I were home alone when it hit. We grabbed the cat and headed to the basement! There wasn’t any damage to our house thankfully, but our street was a wreck afterwards. Lots of downed trees and branches everywhere. We jumped in the car to drive to the downtown beach to look at the water. The sky was beautiful!


Grand Haven State Park, Grand Haven, MI

This photo was taken at 4:30pm…so you can tell how dark the sky still is. I couldn’t believe people were in the water. They must have been out-of-towners…the rip currents that develop in Lake Michigan can be extremely strong…especially after a big storm like that. Pay attention to the Red Flags!!
It was great to be home and spend time with my family and friends. Coast Guard Fesitival is in 3 weeks and counting! Can’t wait to make it back for all the fun! 
July 13, 2008 - 8:03 pm

Lisa Learman - Hey Meg,
GREAT pics as always! I will see you at Coast Guard!!!!! 🙂

A Music Festival Revolution

I’m back! I survived! I had an amazing time! I camped for 4 days and lived to tell the tale! I took a shower that drained my parent’s hot water tank today, but it was all worth it in the end. Especially as I look back and see these photos. Please enjoy looking at them, as much as I enjoyed taking them.



I loved all the feet! I was lounging in my very comfortable chair and noticed the happy feet. Check out the fancy tan lines too.



Instead of lighting the festival grounds with harsh spotlights, they had these soft, floating balloons that put off the perfect amount of light. They went up around dusk and you could see them above the trees all around the festival grounds. Beautiful!




Meet my buddy Sam! Sam and his parents sat close to us at the Odeum. Sam loved his beach ball and was such a fun kid to watch! Steve and Sara(h) I hope you made it home safe and had a great family vacation! It was nice to meet you!



The whole experience was amazing! It was a great place to spend the 4th of July weekend with my friends. The goal of the Rothbury Music Festival was to be as green as possible. They had wonderful volunteers that monitored the trash containers to make sure that you recycled what could be recycled, threw away bio-degradable products to go to the compost, and discarded landfill materials in the correct containers. We used plastic plates and kitchen utensils at our campsite that we cleaned after meals. It was an eye opening experience that everyone can play a small part in taking care of our planet. It’s the little things that add up to make a huge impact. Such as camping for 4 days without electricity, running water and mirrors!


The view from our part of the commune. We were at least a 25 minute walk from the main stage…maybe longer. The camping portion of the trip was pleasantly surprising. The boys that I rode up with were a wizz in our “kitchen”. We fixed marinated pork tenderloin with rice and steamed broccoli the first day we got there…and it didn’t stop after that. Full breakfast was served in the morning with bacon, eggs and hashbrowns. Chicken tacos for lunch! I was blown away by the efficiency that these boys brought to the campsite. All I did was provide sunscreen for the bunch and a misting fan.



Believe it or not, this is the closest thing I got to a group picture. Right when we were all seriously thinking about taking one, my battery told me it was completely exhausted.


For more fun photos, visit the gallery. I took over 200 and have posted at least half of them there. I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. I can’t wait for next year’s festival!

July 8, 2008 - 7:54 pm

Stephen & Sarah - Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. We had a blast at Rothbury. It was a first time in Michigan for myself and Sam. We hope to see you again next year. We will send you our online photo album so you can check out Rothbury from our point of view. – Stephen, Sarah & Sam